Achieved the following up to now in Polaris Financial Technology Ltd, Chennai.

  • Analysis and development work on two key trade processing modules to increase performance – achieved by reducing deadlocks by 90% and increasing the trade processing rate by 25%.
  • Eliminated the penalties to be paid by Citi for delay in sending instructions to market by creating a separate publisher on an exclusive channel for the Instruction Generator.
  • Created a new Trade Reader module to enable the bank to generate additional revenue by making use of Euroclear’s Autoselect offering. Additionally worked on 2 projects to onboard new accounts and firms to use this functionality.
  • With my project SQA’s help, I introduced new checklists and procedures to supplement existing quality practices which directly resulted in decreasing the number of defects per work item per release by 95%.

Conscripted into a new project with a client for building a system based off shell scripts/Perl/Java that receives and parses trade data from 8 different sources within the Citi system and present it to SYN – a 3rd party application that computes the Financial Transaction Tax introduced in the European Union..