More work.. and more kubernetes

October 3, 2019

Having resolved to see through to the end, I volunteered and took up more responsibility at work. With a huge influx of new comers to the project I took up on getting them acclimated to the new workplace – across India. My team now boasted of 40+ members from a count of less than 20 a year back. I also expanded on the Kubernetes implementation – including logging and monitoring to the cluster along with additional services. Thanks to my boss for guiding me on the right path on all of this. The demo environment was finally moved to the…

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Dropthought, Meet Kubernetes

August 21, 2019

After rigorous planning, testing and creating a ton of new files and architecture, I migrated the Test and Stage environments of my application to Kubernetes – EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) in particular. I used Jenkins to build the application, stored the images in Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and deploy the containers in EKS clusters. All the time spent for meticulous customization ensured that there was a lot of room for expansion and could accommodate more services as the application grew.

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A trip to California

June 15, 2019

Hello California! I go on a short business trip to US with the goal to plan, design and migrate the existing Dropthought v2 application to Kubernetes! Time to get my hands dirty and boy it was a blast! I also started on a new diet to shed some weight around the mid section. Never realized it would actually pay off.

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Stepping into v2

September 25, 2018

I’m assigned under a new lead with a new goal of assisting in moving the application to its next iteration – Dropthought version 2.0! New architecture, new rules, and more things to learn! I also found that I get along super well with my new boss. So less frayed nerves.

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Under Heavy load

June 21, 2018 12:00 AM

I get a request to architect the application Infrastructure to handle 1000+ concurrent connections per second. Ridiculous? Yes. But since the one ordering is my boss, I set out to do exactly that and pulled it out as well. Thanks to ELB, ASG, custom AMI and a couple of sleepless nights. Oh and I also had to design redis and the web server to handle the load. Had a ton of fun experimenting stuff. Not to mention creating a test machine to simulate that damn load!

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Cost Optimization

April 19, 2018

Having observed a huge drain in the monthly expenses for the cloud account used by Dropthought, I charted out avenues where resources were left unused and forgotten. Having realized this exercise would take up time, I estimated this to be done in 2 months only to realize it would go on for 3 more than that.. At the end of it though, I had managed to bring down the monthly expense by 54% from the previous year.

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Hello DropThought!

September 14, 2017

Drafted into a startup team, DropThought and I’m glad it happened! Read more about the product here. Having joined as a Cloud and System Admin, started to manage the AWS & Google Cloud accounts hosting the DropThought. I was also tasked with reducing the monthly costing for Cloud services used by Dropthought. Did I mention I picked up Cloud services like fish to water?

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Back to the starting point and a fresh start

January 4, 2016

Returned from TelBru after the Firewall Upgrade was successfully completed. Started with Aviat Networks as Linux Administrator and Cloud Engineer. Aviat Networks is a global provider of microwave networking solutions, providing public and private operators with communications networks to accommodate the IP-centric, multi-gigabit data services. Worked with the in-house Infra team to clean up unused VMs, eliminated rentals and bought in a saving of more than $100,00 USD per year. Used the available free time to begin experimenting with Cloud services.

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Firewall Upgrade at TelBru

November 22, 2015

TelBru’s firewalls were planned to be replaced as part of the technical refresh activity that was on going. Volunteered to be part of the team that planned the firewall migration. Successfully migrated TelBru’s existing firewall to Fortinet’s 1200B (Hardware and Software). Picked up on how to configure Force 10 MXL Network switches to selectively route network traffic from a set of blade servers through a particular VLAN to comply with the new Firewall policies. What I won’t say is that I was sought out much after I left TelBru to do the same thing thrice for other network switches as…

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My first Onsite deployment

June 7, 2015

My first onsite deployment in 6 years… Posted to Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) in Brunei Darrussalam as a System Administrator and Data Centre Personnel. TelBru is the state Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Brunei Darrussalam providing Broadband, Leased line and Fibre optic services to both businesses and retail customers. Managed 200+ servers running on Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Monitoring and management of physical hardware for the CIO datacenter and its disaster recovery site. Monitoring and management of 150+ Virtual Servers using vCenter running on VMWware servers. Learnt the basics of Infrastructure operations and fundamentals of maintaining a DC/DR…

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Transition to a new role and a new Employer

January 23, 2015

After experiencing a string of near misses and total rejections in Job hunting, I finally landed as a Senior Linux Administrator in Bahwan CyberTek Pvt Ltd, Chennai. The transition was unexpected but I totally loved it and was overjoyed. I still remember the interview since it was the most unique among all the ones that I had before simply because it caught me off guard and I still managed to get the job! Joined the Nook project in Barnes & Noble as system admin. I’m glad I took the plunge to change my role and job. And this wouldn’t be…

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Time for a change..

October 30, 2014

After 4 years, I decided to quit and look for a change. I just didn’t realize what the future had in store for me. Nor did I realize that I am in for a very difficult time in job search. The punch line? Being jobless and having several close misses does help overcome the fear of job hunting. In hindsight, resolving to leave this comfort zone was one of the best decisions of my life!

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The road so far..

June 12, 2013

Achieved the following up to now in Polaris Financial Technology Ltd, Chennai. Analysis and development work on two key trade processing modules to increase performance – achieved by reducing deadlocks by 90% and increasing the trade processing rate by 25%. Eliminated the penalties to be paid by Citi for delay in sending instructions to market by creating a separate publisher on an exclusive channel for the Instruction Generator. Created a new Trade Reader module to enable the bank to generate additional revenue by making use of Euroclear’s Autoselect offering. Additionally worked on 2 projects to onboard new accounts and firms…

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To Chennai and a new beginning

November 3, 2010

Had bid adieu to TCS, Bengaluru and joined Polaris Financial Technology Limited, Chennai as Developer. Joined the DOGS (Decentralization of  Operations Global Support) Development Team – a major International Settlement & Clearance system for CitiGroup Global Markets, UK that conducted daily real time trade settlement activities as well as overnight batch processing to provide reconciliations plus activity details to various other external systems Performed bug fixing, analysis, design, development, testing and release management for the next 4 years. Mentored all new comers to the team on the rules of the game and Linux as well. Invested in learning and mastering…

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Hello Bengaluru!

March 12, 2008

Fresh out of Training from Trivandrum and posted to Tata Consultancy Services in Bengaluru. Interviewed for and got into the Card IVR & Voice Guided Services, a release based project as Developer. Started gaining experience in Linux, Nortel Periphonics, Shell Scripting and Perl. Promoted to Project lead after a year and awarded Technical Excellence Award for contributions to the project. Automated several processes used by developers and testers, resulting in a cost saving of US $55,000 per release for the client. Was secretly happy that I wasn’t posted to any other remote location.

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The beginning..

January 3, 2008

Started first IT job training at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Rigorous training in SDLC, Mainframe and Unix in Initial Learning Program for 3 months at TCS, Trivandrum. Little do I know that this will be the only time I ever interacted with a Mainframe – ever!

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